Proper lighting is very important to the success of a jewelry store. Without the correct illumination, your showcases will appear dull and your store uninviting. Use a low color rendering bulb, and your jewelry will lack brilliance and won’t be displayed at its full potential. Using light for jewelry’s high color rendering, high CRI, full spectrum bulbs and fixtures will show off your merchandise in the most eye appealing way, instantly creating an inviting store. Our entire line of high quality full spectrum, LED, metal halide, or halogen lamps and fixtures ensure that your jewelry is displayed in the most natural way without being overly enhanced- as if you were to display your pieces under natural daylight! Rest assured that any bulb or fixture found in our store closely replicates natural lighting, no matter the technology. None of our products will distort colors, meaning no more disappointed customers returning home only to discover their diamond or jewelry look quite different under a different light!

Proper full spectrum, high color rendering lighting will enhance the shopping experience, for any market type from high end boutique to sports apparel stores. The goal is the same: provide your customers with the most pleasing light possible; accentuating their skin tones in addition to fabric textures and colors. Don’t forget to properly illuminate dressing rooms either; a well-lit stall that makes a customer look and feel great is the final nudge towards a purchase!

Accentuate the beauty of artwork whether in your home, art gallery, or museum. Enhance the distinct character of your artwork without distracting from the viewing experience. Since works of art are best illuminated at close range, a lot of lighting options on the market run the risk of causing heat and UV damage to your pieces. Opt for no UV or heat producing high CRI LED lighting so you can rest assured that you are effectively illuminating your artwork without worry. Light for jewelry’s High color rendering halogen , led and metal halide lamps or fixtures, will effectively show off the colors and textures of your pieces with balanced color rendition and clarity.

Just as full spectrum light enhances mood and feelings of well-being in the home, so to in the office. Whereas a warmer color temperature full spectrum lamp would suffice in the home to enhance coziness, you should opt for cooler color temperatures in the office in order to stimulate alertness and increase productivity. Insufficient lighting in too low a color temperature range creates a sleepy and dull environment: not the best for feeling productive and active at work! Full spectrum lighting cuts down on glare and is easier on the eyes too translating to longer hours of productivity. Create a light environment that feels and looks great: we spend as much time in our places of work as in our own homes; shouldn’t it feel pleasing to be in?

Restaurants of all types can benefit from high quality lighting. Lighting in this case is used to set the ambience, and contribute hugely as a main deciding factor for choosing where to eat. Anywhere from an intimate bistro, where warm and soft LED and halogen lighting help to create a low key and cozy mood, to your standard diner, where pleasant, crisp, and true-to-life color rendition are key; high quality, efficient full spectrum lighting will light your restaurant according to taste.